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View the Board of Directors Candidates for 2015 here.

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View the Campus Club Board of Directors Candidates for the 2015 Election here.

The Campus Club has been connected to the University of Minnesota since the club was founded in 1911. The club is not officially part of the University. It is a 501 (c)(7) non-profit membership corporation.

The club is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board shall have within their charge all of the properties, governance, and management of The Campus Club, unless delegated to the Executive Director.

A meeting of the Board meets monthly. The Board of Directors has many duties. Among the most important:

  • To develop and approve Campus Club policies.

  • To approve the annual budget.

  • To establish membership dues and administrative fees.

  • To appoint an Executive Director who shall be responsible for day-to-day operations and for monitoring progress towards goals and objectives determined by the Board.

The Executive Director shall report to the Board at each regular meeting of the Board and shall normally attend meetings except when an in camera” meeting or portion of a meeting is called. The Executive Director shall report to the membership at the annual meeting. The Executive Director shall be an ex officio and nonvoting member of the Board and of the Executive Committee and the Audit Committee.

The Campus Club bylaws require an annual election of members of the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee presents a slate of candidates. This slate is presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting and through emails and at our website. The website provides context and links to nominee biographical details.

Nominees are approved by the membership at our Annual Meeting which is held during the second half of May each year. In accordance with the club’s bylaws, members shall be invited to nominate other candidates by petition – the petition to have at least twenty signatures of regular club members. Nominations shall be closed at the end of the annual meeting.”

Following the Annual Meeting, the election is held by email. Each individual membership is allowed a single vote. Only the primary member will receive the election email. Voting is conducted electronically. Members are invited to cast their ballot via email during a three week period in June of each year.

Additional details may be found in the complete Bylaws and the Conflict of Interest Statement.