Welcome to the Campus Club!

As the Marketing and Membership Director at the Campus Club I have a variety of duties. But my absolute favorite is connecting with our members.

Part of my job is organizing Club Events, such as Wine Classes, Scotch Tastings and so forth. These are fun and engaging events of course and we usually have a pretty good time. But the people in the University Community like to learn about what they enjoy, so it's easy to say that these events truly are educational. We have excellent presenters.

Membership at the Club means something different for each member. There are many ways to be involved. My goal is to help you find yours.

If you have a question or a comment, don't hesitate to call me at 612-625-1442 or send me an email (platt@umn.edu) or see me in person.

Phil Platt

Phil Platt

Marketing & Membership Director

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