Dale Shephard wide angle

Recent visitors to the Dale Shephard room include ambassadors, Nobelists, and other VIPs.

Dale Shephard viewView from Dale Shephard.

Banquet Tables for 38
Board of Directors for 20
Classroom for 22
Square of Tables for 20
U of Tables for 16

The Dale Shephard room, with a wonderful view of downtown Minneapolis, is perfect for private dinners, meetings and intimate functions. Seating is limited to 44.

Regular uses include department retreats, retirement lunches and dinners, recognition events, VIP occasions, celebration dinners, etc. The Club also uses this room for smaller Club events such as Cocktail Classes.

The Room is named in memory of the Club's long-time manager.

A portable podium with microphone is available upon request. LCD and screen are built in features.

Internet Access: One ethernet jack and wireless available

664 square feet.

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