University of Minnesota Department Memberships

Many departments at the University have memberships. This allows departments to charge meals and event costs to a Campus Club membership. The Campus Club is an excellent resource on campus for departments to host meetings and events, interview prospective faculty and staff, make a positive impression on recruits, recognize departmental accomplishments, or honor retiring staff. We’re also a convenient location to entertain visiting alumni and donors. 


There are a lot of great reasons to become a Campus Club member including:

  • Central campus location
  • Local and organic food
  • Meeting and event spaces

Become a member today at our new great rate of only $88 and you'll receive a free lunch certificate! Already a member? Recruit a new member and you'll both get a free lunch certificate.

Everyone is welcome to join at this special rate, even departments! Contact Executive Director Ann Holt (612-624-6626) directly for more information or to set up a tour.

Ready to sign up now? Fill in this simple Membership Application form or if you prefer, contact Executive Director Ann Holt at [email protected] or 612-624-6626.

Each department assigns a Custodian for the Campus Club membership. That person is responsible for authorizing use of the Campus Club membership. Typically departments share the Campus Club membership number with departmental administrative staff responsible for making lunch reservations and booking events for the department.
All charges, such as meals and event costs, are billed to the department each month. You can pay using an EFS string, a P-Card, another credit card, check, debit card, or cash, as well as a few other options. Please call our accountant at 612-626-1510 for an explanation of payment processes and procedures.
Once you have a department membership, authorized staff and faculty can bring guests for Lunch or the Bar, or work with the Events Office to reserve a room and plan an event.

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